Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Countdown till Autumn

     Our home edible garden was established little over a year ago. Since then I feel as though we've always had late harvests. However, this year we're ready for Fall! Sowing seasonal varieties is a key element in sustainable gardening and it's just plain easier for a gardener even in Southern California. In general, sowing seeds in this fashion makes for healthier soil and harvests with less human intervention. Let's take a stroll down the garden pathway to see what's growing on.
Snap Peas ready to be transplanted.
Nice healthy roots, thanks to the nifty Speedling Transplant Tray.
Sowed these Beauty Beyond Belief varieties last weekend.
Another Armenian Cucumber Harvest, grown from Sustainable Seed Co.
Our first Pumpkin!

     Along this season's garden pathway I discovered valuable practices that we will carry on for a lifetime! One being the absolute beauty in growing heirloom varieties. There is something quite magical about seeds that have rich historical backgrounds. When sowing heirloom seeds I feel as though I'm about to unveil some ancient secret. What better way to connect us to history and culture! This season has also shown us the great benefits of having MULCH in our garden. One can never have too much mulch! As the mulch breaks down over time it encourages good soil health, retains soil moisture, and prevents weeds from growing.