Monday, February 20, 2012

On the Pathway to Spring

Since the beginning of this year I've had the great pleasure of attending some seed swaps and on many o' weekends I frequently and quite methodically might I add swapped with friends. By the latter, I mean we went into swapping with a plan. "You get this, and I'll get that", kinda plan. It sure is a nifty way to be economical while establishing a garden with diverse varieties. Here are some photos of seeds sowed on January 28th that have started to germinate in direct sunlight and other garden happenings. I could go on and on about the new varieties selected and started, but I'll save that post for later. Without further ado, here is what's growing on in no particular order......

Aloe blooming next to some Navajo red sage in a wild part of the garden.

Anna Apple blossoms in the backyard orchard.

Apricot Royal Bloom. 

Saturn Peach Bud.

Calendula's are everywhere in the garden this year! 

Blue Jade Corn. We also have some Hopi Red Corn sprouting, I'll share those photos in another post. 

Desert Delight Nectarine is done blooming and now showing off some healthy new foliage. 

I believe these are common hover flies. They're just hanging out on a dried lavender blossom. 

Azure Germander is finally blooming! I love it's delicate color. 

Goji Berry Transplant is showing signs of life! Can't wait to put it into it's permanent home. 

We also have lots of Watchman Hollyhocks sprouting around the garden. Just learned about it's great medicinal qualities! 

Gorgeous French Lavender is ready to be harvested with all those open blooms! 

Love-in-mist sprouting in six packs. Can't wait to share the love! 

Papalo is sprouting. Can't wait to add this to the herb collection!

Gorgeous Peruvian Sage is blooming and displaying new growth. The sticky stems catch weak pests!  

Sequoia Strawberries!!!!!!!

Some are almost ready! 

Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans! I've been waiting awhile to get my hands on these historical seeds! 

Christmas Pole Lima Bean! Yum!
Mammoth Sunflowers from seeds I harvested two seasons ago. 

We have sowed so many different types of seeds this year and we can't wait to share our progress with you all! I hope you enjoyed seeing some highlights of what's growing on in our garden. Hope to see you along the Pathway to the Garden. 

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