Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Making space and products to support a healing vision

I hope everyone had a warm and spirited holiday season with moments to reflect, nourish and make space. Space, for all the things we desire in life. Making ‘space’ doesn’t happen overnight and it takes lots of focus and inspiration to stay the course. It’s kinda like moving and organizing our material spaces. 

First we have to create our vision and share it with others involved, I think sharing your vision and getting some buy-in is essential for success. Then, it’s time to clear out the junk, carefully thinking about what we want and don’t want in our futures, that in itself can sometimes be the most tedious task but if the vision is clear enough I find it doesn’t seem as daunting. The next phase involves design and organization. This is where our creative sides can finally have some fun! We, personally, haven’t got past the organization phase yet, which I think should not be rushed, no matter what.

Setting achievable goals and scheduling action plans to meet them, I think, keeps things moving along and helps with the whole focus thing, cause we all know how easy it is to lose focus thus losing your determination to make that ‘space’ that you so deserve.

As we, personally, move into our ‘making space’ phase we have created healing products to support, inspire and grow our vision in creating a center that is abundant with healing and gardening resources.

Our growing apothecary.
The holidays spearheaded our production as we wanted to make elixirs, bitters, and tinctures as gifts for our friends and family. I’ve also acquired my first clients in which I’m making personalized elixirs and teas for. These circumstances have certainly bulked up our apothecary making it a no brainer to list our extras on my etsy shop, EcoKatLA, until I can figure out how to list them on here. Baby steps folks, after all I do have a 9-5. These sales will go towards our much larger goal of cultivating a healing and gardening space for our community. Currently, we use organically homegrown/small-farmed plants, wild-harvested plants and we also purchase from Mountain RoseHerbs and Pacific Botanicals.  

I have a few items listed now, see descriptions below, however I hope to have more up by the end of this week, including my made-to-order Myrtle Facial Hydrosol. Visit EcoKatLA's etsy shop, here.

Nourish Thy Nerve
Contains: Organic oat tops, organic ashwagandha roots, organic rose petals & leaves, organic local raw sage honey, brandy.
2 oz.
Small batch, December 2014.
Only 2 available! Click on image to purchase.

White Sage + CA Sagebrush + Lime Peel + Lime Caviar
Contains: Ethically wild-harvested Salvia apiana & Artemisia californica, organically-grown lime peel & Citrus australasica, organic small-farmed maple syrup, brandy.
2 oz.
Small batch, December 2014.
Only 8 available. Click on image to purchase.

 Thank you all for your support and happy 2015!

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