Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Introducing New EcoKatLA Healing Products

Stayed up late last night after a long work day to get these babies ready to share with you wonderful folks! Our Etsy shop is starting to fill up. ----->

Just listed, a California Sagebrush distillate, which is one of my favorite aromatic plants to move moods into a more centered “you”. The more you use it the more resilient your spirit becomes especially in mundane environments.
Click on image to learn more and to purchase.
Also listed a Geranium + Rosemary Hydrosol! Awaken & Renew with this lovely aromatic plant combo. Great for all skin conditions especially dry/oily combination skin. This combo balances out your facial oils and repairs damaged skin while relaxing tense facial muscles and letting your brightness shine through.
Click on image to learn more and to purchase.

And did a little re-fresh on our Myrtle Hydrosol, my daily facial tonic that I can't live without!
Click on image to learn more and to purchase.
Don’t forget that these efforts and your support go towards a much larger vision of cultivating a workshop space and larger apothecary for our local community.

More on the way! Products like body oils, creams, more hydrosols and distillates, incense, tinctures and elixirs. Most of our items are seasonal because we are working directly with nature. 

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